How do I refresh/reload the page after throwing an error?

On submitting a form, a validation is done on a field and error is thrown. After this, the status changes to ‘Not saved’ and the ‘‘Submit’’ button changes to ‘Save’.I want it to refresh and display the same status it was, before Submitting.
All refreshes are done in js in other modules, looking for a method to do it in py!
If I use the ‘try except’ block, how would I refresh/reload in the ‘‘except’’ block?


Why not js. cur_frm.reload_doc() should reload.

i gave the cur_frm.reload_doc() in js my ui is continuously blinking…pls any idea?

@jecintha if you can please make a new post regarding this. Explain your use case, share code and post screenshots / tracebacks because every case is unique. I’m closing this thread now.