How do I remove Non-Standard Permanent Filters?

I have about 2 instances showing a custom filter in Invoice List (please see attached) and Item List. This is regardless of the computer I use or clearing the cache it always opens with a default filter. I have to clear these filters every time and as far as I know this is only for my user. I haven’t added a related script, changed code, or anything of the sort.

Anyone experiencing the same or know how to correct this? Is this a bug?

These filters are remembers based on the user’s preference. If you remove these filters, it should be remembered as well, and shall not reoccur again. Do you open multiple tabs for your ERPNext account. Perhaps you remove from one tab, but it remains in other.

Hey Umair, thanks for your answer but this persists even after I close the filter and use another computer. Yes, I typically use multiple tabs but I’d have thought that closing the filter and clearing the cache could have solved the problem.

What version of Frappe/ERPNext are you on?

version 10