How do I send salary of the employees to there Bank Accounts using ERPnext?


I am having trouble understanding the flow for sending salary to employees using a bank account. There are specific parts to this problem:

  1. There’s no effective doc that explains how to connect to an actual bank account that works in India.
  2. There’s no clarification in the docs for integrating banking solutions, all I can see is a bare minimum of third party app that helps enable linking a bank to ErpNext and I am not sure if that’s a secure way of doing it.
  3. There are plaid settings, but that doesn’t help either, as no Indian banks are supported yet.
  4. There’s Razorpay and Paytm, however these are there for taking payments from customers, and not transferring actual money to employees internally.

Did anybody figured a way to pay to there employees using ERPnext?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


I think you’ll have to develop your own app and connect it to your bank which isn’t a cost effective option in my opinion and you’d rather have you finance team just export a salary sheet from the system and submit it to whatever portal your bank is providing you.
It’s a couple of extra, easy steps but costs you nothing.



Thank you for replying back. I understand. I found an alternative solution as to work with my developer team to connect Kotak Mahindra bank with our ERP next solution using there developer connect API.

Thank you for providing your valuable time.

Appreciate that.


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