How do I set Customer Payment Terms?

I am using v8.6 and trying to go back and modify a customer to allow them to have Net30 terms. I know when I imported them originally, I had a column for setting the # of days for terms. I cannot find that in the menu system anywhere, and I could not find it in the manual. I am sure there must be a way for a user to create customers and assign terms or alter existing customers payment terms.

I may just be looking in the wrong place. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Easier than you think.

go to Customer, and Payment Terms.

Ummm… Right… Now you just messing with me. :tired_face:

If that is true, then tell me where in the following complete listing of the Customer do I find this Payment Terms field.

I even logged in as administrator and cannot find such a heading under Customer. Can you be more specific?!?

Here is what I did and what I found as headings

  • I select the “Customer” icon from the desk (this brings up a list of customers)
  • I selected the first customer on the list and get the settings page for that customer and the headings are as follows:
  • Related Documents (Pre Sales, Orders, Support, and Projects)
  • Name & Type (Salutation, Full Name, Gender, Type, Lead, Cust.Group, Territory, TaxID)
  • Currency & PriceList (Billing Curr,Print Lang, Default Price List)
  • Address & Contact (the obvious address and contact info here)
  • Accounting (Company, Account) This is where my company info and account info
  • More Information (This is just a blank text box to add random info called Customer Details)
  • Sales Partner & Commission ( Sales Partner, Commission Rate)
  • Sales Team (Sales Person, Contribution Percentage)
  • Add a Comment (another empty text box for random information)

So, please tell me where in this exhaustive list of headings and data fields did I miss the Payment Terms field?!?

I think you were just trying to mess with my head, because it is NOT there!

There must be some other place where this field exists because it is in the import template. I just cannot find it in the regular user interface.


Right. sorry this is part of my customisations …

But I checked my demo account with which is clean and free from customisations.

In latest version.

Payment terms are in ‘Credit Limit’, which is below ‘Accountancy’, and Address and Contact in the Customer section.

Perhaps you have an update that didnt work, or your cache needs clearing ?

Otherwise check - this is always helpful for occasions like this.

I think otherwise you have a permissions issue which is stoping you from seeing this …

That was the issue. I thought I remembered seeing this field before, but for some reason I could not find it in my production system. It seems my update did not work correctly. Quite frustrating the update process has become. I think I will just run a backup, scrap my VM instance, and start a fresh one with a fresh install. I will try to restore my backup and see if that helps. If not I will just import all the data again and manually key in the past 8 days worth of transactions to get caught up.

Regardless, the update process let me down and the “Credit Limit” heading is not even on my menu.

Thanks for pointing out the use of the demo site to check against. That put things in perspective.


Pleased to help.

Have you tried a

bench clear-cache


Yup. That didn’t help either.

I can spin up another instance faster than trying to fight with fixing whatever might have gone wrong with the update I ran 10 days ago.

Actually, I think I might try running another update just to see what happens. That may replace some of the things that has my system acting strange and allow the user interface to update properly. It would just as strange if that worked though.

Since I am going to kill it anyway, I might as well give it a try (after a backup or course):thinking:


Although it may not be what you want to do, and make sure you have backups first etcetc, have you tried resetting the customer doctype to defaults? This should clear any customisations youve made but should bring back the payment terms hopefully. Just a thought

Just finished making backups, Will try the resetting the doc to default just to see what happens.


Hmm… reset of the doc didn’t work, so I will try running update.