How do i set default warehouse for items

How do i set default warehouse for all items as i get this error while trying to create a sales order
“Delivery warehouse required for stock item 1_SE-COMPUTERKING-CK-SE-1”
I cannot find this setting in the new menu system and being a home based business i only need one warehouse :).

Default warehouse is set in the Item Master, in the Inventory Section.

I cannot find that on my system ?? can you send a screenshot ?? sorry feeling foolish

I this per item? as i am looking for a way to set this for all items? this is what it looks like when i click stock item i cannot find my master settings?

Oh, yes, this is Per Item. I believe that it must be set per item. The easiest method would probably be to export the items with the import/export tool, set the warehouse for all items, and reupload.

The alternative would be to use customize form for ‘Sales Order Item’, and set the default value for the delivery warehouse there.

@cpurbaugh: How do you set the default value for the delivery warehouse while making sales order? I am not able to find this in the “customise form” option of the “Sales Order”.

Kindly advise. Thanks.


You can find Warehouse on Sales Order Item. So please customize the form for Sales Order Item, where you will need to edit Warehouse field and set a default value in the “Default” text box on the edit form.



I want to preselect warehouse in sales order/Purchase order item table as per company selection.(We are using multi company & have only one warehouse for single company)

@cpurbaugh, even i set default warehouse in the item, it is still not link the item to the warehouse, where it link into the other store warehouse ~

I click to save d, still have no effect. PLEASE help

To set a default WH for new Stock ItemsYou may be looking for default Warehouse under Stock > Stock Settings. Like so:


@cpurbaugh hi sir, i want set mandatory field of item warehouse while creating new item.
how it can be achieve i have tried in customise form and doc type but it doesn’t work.

Have you tried @adam26d’s suggestion of setting it in Stock Settings?

Make Default warehouse field Mandatory and dont keep any default.

I think that should work for what ur expecting

@cpurbaugh yes, but i have multiple warehouses,

@fkardame how to set default warehouse field mandatory while creating new item???

Got to Stock Settings and specify the default there.

update `tabItem Default`
  set default_warehouse = 'Super New Chromalloy Warehouse - OMG'
  where default_warehouse = 'Embarrassing Old Shed - OMG';