How do I specify which warehouse the stock for a sale should come from?


I have two warehouse. When I make a sale, how do I tell erpnext which warehouse to take the stock from?



Alternatives are as follows:

  1. You can define default Warehouse for each Item. When creating the item for that transaction, a respective warehouse will be fetched from Item master.

  2. For each location, you should add a separate user. For that User, you can set default warehouse via User Permission Manager. If I am stationed at Mumbai, then for my login ID, default warehouse will be set as Mumbai. That same warehouse will fetch automatically in the transactions as well.

Lastly, edit Warehouse manually while creating transactions.


[quote]Lastly, edit Warehouse manually while creating transactions.

Thanks umair. Could you elaborate on that?


If no default warehouse is updated in the item master, neither default warehouse is selected in Stock Settings, then while creating transactions like orders and invoices, user will have to manually update Warehouse for each Item.

Would it be possible to add a custom field that links the warehouse to the sales invoice? If you (actually ,really, truly) want the user to manually select the warehouse it comes from…

I think you can do when adding items