How do l upload ERPNext to my cloud host

How do l upload ERPNext to my cloud host


It may help to say the hosting service that you are planning to use, Searching this forum for posts mentioning that service may provide you with guidance. Digital Ocean, Google Cloud for example have been used often.

In general once Bench/Frappe/ERPNext have been installed on the hosting platform, the database is backed up locally and restored to the cloud instance. There will be modifications to the configurations needed to network and other settings. And keep in mind that Frappe has its own cloud hosting service.

ERPNext isn’t just copy/past file on hosting server solution.
You have to install sotfware requirement (python, marriadb, etc…) on the hosting server.
Follow available documentation and if you’r not familiar with it, you should seek for paid hosting solution that offer this service. As it is said provide this service

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