How do we get a list of shared documents for a a particular Doctype?

We frequently use the Share Document feature for Temporary Inputs / Validations from a Particular User
Is it possible to have a column in List view or filter to list all the documents that are shared for a particular Doctype ?
So the Filters can be shared or not
Or Shared with ( a Listing in the Listview similar to “assigned to” shall be really helpful )

Hi @chetan,

Please go to the DocShare and you can filter out the doctype and which document is shared.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP ,

Thanks for the suggestion & yes it helps to a certain extend & shall be helpful !

But actually what I am looking for is more in the List view of Doc type
Either by adding a Column in list view or by Filter or by Report view in the Particular Doctype ( Similar to the way assigned to column is shown )

It shall be useful for the user who has shared mutiple Documents
And he can just filter it & validate if he needs to continue to share the list or Unshare it from the List view Page itself.

Not sure if its possible !

Thanks for the help !