How do we structure salary based on attendence?

Currently we can structure salary that depends on leave type.

But how do we link it with Attendance?

Say for workers, Attendance is more handy than leave process.


It could not be based on Attendance alone, we Employee could be Absent, but that doesn’t indicate if it is a paid leave or unpaid leave. Will be best to make a practice of creating Leave Allocation and Applications to get the Salary Slips accurately.


Thanks for ur reply. I agree with the process suggested by you. It should be followed where possible.

But in our scenario, we hire skilled labour for job - work. they are not so literate to use application to mark leave, or give leave application.

Also, a person can be on leave or be marked as absent. Both are not possible for particular day while marking attendance. So duplication should not be a problem.

Or how about linking Absent or Half-day, to Unpaid Leave. No such option is available currently.

what do you say?


Unfortunately, your requirement is not configurable.

You can also have a centralized process where all Leave Application will be made by expert users.