How do you create a new Production Order?

I’ve watched a bunch of videos, and in them it all seems quite easy. Unfortunately as I look at the Production Order page, under Manufacturing, there is no New button of any sort. Am I missing some prerequesites in other pages?


I deleted that site and set up again as a Manufacturing company instead of Retail, and that allowed me to start making Production Orders.

So before I get too far in, is being a Manufacturer going to prevent me from also having a Retail operation?

Welcome to erpnext Lovely_Pie!

I had the exact same question not long ago -

Eventually I discovered the PPT - the Production Planning Tool.

To my knowledge that is the only way to create a Production Order.

Also a warning note to the PO acronym convention: PO seems to refer a Production Order but also a Purchase Order, depending on the context!?

Thanks for the reply Clarke,

Yes, the Production Planning Tool isn’t available for Retail as well. I guess it makes sense, but fair warning for others!

So do you know if I’m going to be missing Retail tools now that I changed over to Manufacturing?

“missing Retail tools now that I changed over to Manufacturing”

No, I believe any install instance includes all the same ‘monolith’ code of modules.

But Hide Modules (in Setup) governs what is visible, for convenience sake.

As well, the Permissions model dictates what functions users can access.