How do you do custom item types?

One of the products we sell is based on a percentage and a dollar amount.

For instance:
Product one
Cost: 2.00% of total amount processed && $0.10

I want to create a product group (I know how to do this)
Then I want to create the item that is calculated as a percentage so when I send quotes it will show up.

Will this take custom programming to accomplish?

Is this a stock item? You could create a taxes/charges rule that computes 2% of total + $0.10 if it isn’t a physical product. Just select the correct account heads for accounting purposes.

If it is a stock item it gets harder, and likely will require a custom script.

Wow, that’s a great idea. Thank you

No it’s not a stock item

You’re very welcome!

In this case I’d create a new account head, named after whichever product group. You can then create a taxes & charges rule for each instance of the product (hopefully there are not too many different cases!) and select that in the quote/sales order/sales invoice.

The thing to consider is if you have to process two taxes at once - like this product charge and a sales tax - this solution isn’t as elegant for that.