How do you editor BOMs after an Order is issued?

How does Order editing work after an order has been issued to manufacturing?

We currently use Fish Bowl and have many Layered BOMs and editing them after the Order is Issued to Manufacturing is a nightmare.

Say I forgot to add something to the BOM before it was issued, and the picks for the order have already started. How would I could about fixing that in ERPNext?

What if I need to remove something from the BOM? after it is issued How would that work?


You can consume any material which was not in the BOM during material consumption entry.

Similarly, let’s say you are not using some material, put the consumption as Zero in entry.

If you using alternative items, you need to tick allow alternative in BOM.


Divyesh Mangroliya

But once a work order is created there is no way to have the whole work order updated with a new BOM version?

You would have to manually edit everything?

And there is no way to delete a required material line item? You just have to mark is as 0 qty?