How do you handle customer requests?

I wonder how do you handle customer requests because I’ve problems lately.

They can message me from Whatsapp or email me. Some requests are small like modifying a custom field. And some other require creating new doctypes and modules.

The real pain for me is they usually interrupt me in the middle of something which decreases my quality of work.

So I am wondering how do you handle them ? Do you use customer portals or other tools?

Hi @TurkerTunali,

I use a combination of:

  • Jira (project & issue software)
  • Email

Long term, I had planned on creating a “Customer Service Portal” using Frappe Framework. However, it’s not a priority in my business plan right now. Maybe someday I’ll come back to it. In the meantime, the 2 workflows above are doing okay.

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So, customer enquiries come from email and you add it to Jira, right?


ERPNext support module, connected to mail, is working really good for us. Each message generates an issue, and all the conversation thread remains connected. We have an issue type called “Requests”, with a specific Kanban board based on status field.

Hope this helps.

No, usually my customers login to the Jira website, and then write issues/tickets there.

However, it is also possible to write an email to Jira, and it will automatically create a ticket using the email contents: Create issues and comments from email | Atlassian Support

This seems nice. So user don’t login to portal, but create the ticket via email.

Do you reply them in the ERPNext ticket form ? So that you don’t use any other tool.

Nice flow. So that you handle the operation within the Jira.

I wonder if customer is inpatient and wants to know the status, if he re-send the same email, does it create another ticket or just logs it?

Yes. All the communication is made from issue form. It’s really powerful.
Issues generates tasks (or even projects). We use it for timesheets, work assignements, etc

No other tool is needed now!

Customer portal is not a priority for us (actually, everyone ask for it but almost no one use it :wink: )
Hope this helps.