How do you merge duplicates in ERPNext?

All CRM systems have duplicate entries. I would want to know how ERPNext solves the problem. I have found this video:

How does it work with merge conflicts? Any experience?

Are there any best practices for systematically identifying and merging duplicates in the ERP system?

@Martin_Seibert you can create a python scripts that can identify duplicate base on your parameters and automatically merge duplicates.

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Could you do this for us?

@Martin_Seibert yes we can do this for you. We will contact thru email.

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  1. Do you just want to merge specific docfield data of doctype or whole doctype? will it be applicable on all CRM doctype?

  2. Do you want to delete merged document and want to store remain track of merged document like this 2-3 document records merged with this document record?

We will import customer addresses from Highrise, Billomat and another tool called Projectile. It is very likely that important customers will appear three times then. This needs to be deduplicated. Can this be done in ERPNext or should we rather do that before even importing?

First way,

You can create after insert hook that will execute when any record will insert.

Second way,

You can create 2 doctype.

  1. First doctype contains information for docfield which you want to check data data redundancy.
  2. Second doctype is for execute operation to merge redundant record.

It should be part of the ERPNext core to identify and present possible duplicates. Either on a one by one basis or in bulk. It should be up to the humans in the system to decide whether profiles are merged or not.

In Salesforce there is an automatic recognition of duplicates. If you go to a an address, that is a possible duplicate you get a prompt that asks you, if you want to merge this entry with other entries. If you don’t you won’t be bothered again for this entry.

And then there should be a bulk merging feature. This is how this looks in Highrise:

This is the documentation from Highrise.

Any update of this topic. I face those issues too.

I have this issue since the beginning of using ERPNext… I’m quite surprise there is no easy way to solve this problem…

Same issue here. Anyone with a solution?