How do you partially dropship a Sales Order?

Hi guys,

I have a business case that I am trying to solve. Here’s the case;

  • I have item A (drop-ship enabled as well as stock maintained)
  • I create a Sales Order for 100 qty of item A.
  • I have 60 qty of item A in my warehouse so I fulfill 60 directly from my warehouse and create a delivery note against it
  • I wish to dropship the remaining 40 qty via drop-shipping.

How do you handle this scenario wherein we have to fulfill a single sales order partially from our own stock (in warehouse) and partially via drop-shipping?

Note: Creating multiple Sales Orders is not an option.

I tried various ways to achieve this but couldn’t find a way out. Any help will be highly appreciated.


hi @shashank_shirke

The best way to go about is on the single sales order… you would need to split Item A into 2 rows.

Row 1 - Item A - 60 qty → usual warehouse
Row 2 - item A - 40 qty → Select “Delivered by supplier” (this is for dropship)

Now save and submit

From here you could proceed with Delivery note for the stock 60 qty to the customer and after that proceed with creating the PO to the supplier for the balance 40 … The PO will be a dropship one. Once the 40 qty is drop shipped you would need to click on the “Status” in the PO and select “Delivered” to complete the cycle.

During the SO creation we may not know the stock levels. So we cannot create a SO with the split rows exactly.
Create two different delivery note. One with 60 qty and another with 40 qty.
Fulfil 60 internally and 40 via drop-ship

Hi @centaur

Thanks for your reply. But in our case this is not possible because we have disabled the setting to allow the same item to be allowed multiple times in a single SO/PO :point_down:

Do you think this is the only way to process this scenario?


We cannot create delivery notes for drop-ship items as those are not delivered from our warehouse and instead delivered directly from the supplier to the customer. We can only create delivery notes for shipments we process from our own warehouse stock.

Hi @shashank_shirke

There are only 2 ways you can do this… either same item in a single SO or 2 sales order. You already set restriction in both cases… like catch 22…

So you have to decide which way to go with .

You can temporarily enable multiple items settings only for this particular situation and revert back once the sales order has been complete/created.

I don’t practically use my warehouses because they are too far away and many goods are stored for a long time. They can also be stored in another unit and I already schedule dropshipping if I see ahead of time that there are orders. If I can make deliveries within a month, I form a shipment from the warehouse to the next. I see everything in advance through analytics on the platform (Revenue forecasting guide for those who want to set up automation). If sales grow for the holidays and Christmas, I try to stock my warehouse and get the shipment ready as soon as possible.