How does ERPNext look to the customer or the client who wants to use it?

Hello there!

I would like to understand how the UI for ERPNext would look for a prospective customer or a client who wants to look at the data and navigate through the website.

For now, I know what the interface looks like for a System User or an Administrator with all the modules in a list on the left side and anything to do with them on the right side to configure the DocTypes or other System Settings.

I have not been able to search for images on ERPNext that would look similar to a customer portal or customized and presented towards a client. Can somebody share some pictures of what this UI may look like?

Thank you.

As a follow-up to my previous post I would like to add whether the ERPNext interface would look the same but only restricted based on Role Permissions for each user logged in.

So the clients can log in through the software with their credentials and still see and manage all the information but are restricted from doing anything else the administrator does.

If someone could explain to me a situation as to how ERPNext can be used by a client it would be most welcome.