How does GSTR-1 Report works?

I have some sales with GST done but it is not showing in the GSTR-1 Report . Where do we set the Type of Business field to set in Sales ? Is there any configuration for making GSTR-1 to work correctly ?

I got some fields appearing when I choose B2c Small but there is no Invoice No, Customer,Tax Amount etc …Only Rate,Taxable Value is showing values

Check GST Settings page for the limit.

Yes…i found that but the report is still not showing proper columns for filing GST.
GST Sales Register is also not usable coz multiple tax rates are not showing in it

Try to check “GST Itemised Sales Register” in case you want to check multiple tax rates for same item

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below is the documentation taken from

B2c Small does now require “Invoice No, Customer,Tax Amount etc …”

Also, try adding “GST State” in the Customer Address to get ‘Place Of Supply’ in this report.