How does 'Sales Invoice Series Name' work in v13 with POS?

Okay, so I am coming from an older version of ERPNext where the POS in live mode would create a Sales Invoice.

That Sales Invoice would follow the Sales Invoice Naming Series that I had setup in the old POS Profile.

So how, in V13, how do I get each of my stores to have a different naming series for their Sales Invoices with this new configuration of the POS system?

The only thing I can find is the Sales Invoice Naming Series where I can put all of the different prefixes for each of my stores, but there is no longer a place in the POS Profile for me to add the series name that should be associated with the cashiers at a particular store.

How do I now get the series for each store in place?

Where in v13 does one go to make that naming series connection?

If I put the different series in the Sales Invoice Naming Series list, I cannot find a way to now use them.

Where do I set the defaults for this?

Completely lost here.


Is it POS Awesome or core POS app?

The Core POS app creates only 1 sales invoice for the shift and that would follow the default naming series. POS Awesome will create individual Sales Invoice for each sale.

Hello @bkm ,
Did you find any workaround?
It is essential to manage separate naming series for sales invoices created from different POS branch/outlets. I have also tried POS custom fields but not able to find how to attach it with different POS profile. Please suggest.

Yes, I do have this working now.

You must already have a Naming Series defined for your Sales Invoices to match your store/site pattern. You will also have to use POS Awesome App for your POS functions.

The trick is to add “Naming Series” to the POS Profile using the “Customize Form” for POS Profile.

Once you add it there, change the type from “Data” to “Select” and then copy all of your naming series entries from the Sales Invoice to the “Options” section of the Customize Form and save it.

Then reboot (or reload) everything and now the Naming Series shows up in the POS profile when you create profiles and you can select them in a drop down list.

NOTE: This will probably not work if you elect to use the native POS application built into ERPNext.

Hope this helps.

BKM :sunglasses:


Hi @bkm ,
It is not working in native ErpNext POS.
I have opened a feature request in git
Let’s see what other developers say about that.

Godsend. Worked perfectly.
Had a question relating to the PoS. I’m trying to use erpnext for a multi store company. Is there any way you know of where item discount and refund can be granted to users with enough permissions only? For eg., in a typical PoS, Manager override is required to process returns.
Much appreciated.

There are many features in the POS Awesome app that may suit your needs. Then you might have to set special permissions using the “Page and Report” permissions section.

There is not a complete and comprehensive manual for all the features of POS Awesome yet, but you can check his wiki page for a ton of info.


If I am not mistaken, Page and report permissions is just to show or hide the page as per user role, right?
I am unaware of any way to make Discount inaccessible to a standard cashier. Something like a popup for manager override would be ideal. Or creating a separate POS profile for the supervisor that allows discount may be feasible. But then, every time discount needs to be applied, the manager has to login and then re enter all the items and apply discount. Any thoughts on how to go about this?