How does Stock Transfer work

What exactly is a transit warehouse? Can you give a practical example? Is transit warehouse like a temporary place until stock is sorted in the warehouse. Like, if a supplier leaves stuff on street beside the store is that a transit warehouse?

Imagine you have two physical warehouses and they are some distance away from each other.

Call them warehouse A and B.

If you transfer goods from A to B it might take 2 days to arrive at B.

When you do the stock entry (Type Material Transfer) the on hand quantity in A will reduce immediately the truck leaves A with the products.

But the physical on hand quantity in B will not increase until the Truck arrives in B in two days time.

This is where the transit warehouse comes in handy.

The goods in the truck will be in the transit warehouse until the staff in warehouse B accepts them physically and on the system.

When they accept the products in warehouse B, the qty will reduce in transit warehouse and move to warehosue B

Hope this is explanatory enough?

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Awesome explanation, thanks.