How does the new RFQ system work? V7

I’ve been experimenting a bit with V7, but I was hoping to get a few answers here so I don’t need to guess and test.

A quotation is made to a client, and a sales order is generated after. Good.
Can RFQ’s be made for all the parts on the quote and their BOM’s?
Do RFQ’s have to be manually triggered, or can a sales order trigger draft RFQ’s for all possible vendors?
Is it easy to generate a purchase order from an RFQ?

Thanks in advance for your help

This is how I plan on using the RFQ process.

  1. Quotation can generate a Sales Order.
  2. After Sales order is placed, use the Production Planning Tool to create Production Orders and Purchased Material Requests.
  3. Use Material Requests to generate RFQs (currently you need to manually pull in each MR in the RFQ, but maybe we can improve this?)
  4. RFQs will then have a Supplier Quotation for each vendor for those items. Suppliers can create these themselves using the portal, if desired.
  5. Purchase Orders can be created from the supplier quotations.

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions

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Thank you. That all sounds like what I require.

I can’t seem to pull an MR into an RFQ.

MR’s were all made with the Production Planning tool, current status “pending”. When I create a new RFQ I have the option to get items from MR’s but none of them show up, I can only create a new one. Looks like if I make an MR manually then it has the option to generate an RFQ. If I create them from the Production Planning Tool then they only have the option to generate a PO, no RFQ or supplier quotation.

Any ideas?

Answer: I see, the Production Planning tool is creating “Manufacture” Material requests instead of “Purchase”.