How Erpnext handle make multiple installments for one invoice

How Erpnext handle make multiple installments for one invoice and reminder for due dates for those installments

Hi @Alaa_Badri,

You can create one invoice and then make multiple partial payments via Payment Entry on that invoice. ERPNext also tags partially paid invoices as “Unpaid” and invoices past the due date as “Overdue” invoices . So for reminders, what you can do is, you can create a customization for the reminders so that if an invoice is approaching it’s due date, an email will automatically be sent to the concerned party.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @littlehera
That is fine scenario what you mentioned.
But there are two points about this topic:

  1. If the invoice is already submitted, and the sales invoice is overdue so a notification will be sent for the customer. The customer did a partial payment but still there is an outstanding balance. The system will keep notify the customer because the sales invoice is still overdue and we can not change the overdue date because the invoice is submitted. What is the solution in this case?

  2. Sometime it is required to pay the invoice as installments and based on certain period (for example 2 or 3 years), so how to manage this? Same as the employee loan.


Do you success on this and make any report?