How export customization in frappe v8 works?

I’m being playing with the v8, so I noticed some new buttons in Customize Form, one of these buttons is Export Customizations.

After customize a form, and click in that button, I dialog is showed asking for the module to export the customization, I noticed that a custom folder with a JSON is exported to my app.

But in that JSON have a full copy of the doctype, with the Standard and Custom Fields, so I’m asking how it works, and if should not export the custom fields, and let me choice which custom field, I’ll export?

That’s a nice feature for developers, but in some cases we have various apps, that point custom fields in the same doctype.

If someone explain how it works, and how it will be imported, I can do some customizations to turn it more powerfull for developers.

Currently this is the default behavior, if you want an option to select custom fields, please raise a github issue for the same.

@KanchanChauhan I’m asking because I can make a PR, but for that I need understand how this data is imported

It exports all the custom fields and property setters for a doctype and it gets saved in custom folder as json. Later on bench migrate or bench update, they get synced.