How handle things around BOM's and varying raw materials

Scenario: I make a part that uses 11 gauge steel. The part is say 200mm square. To define the part’s BOM, I create a sheet of 6mm steel as an item. As sheets come in different sizes and I’m about to buy 2m x 3m sheets I define the raw material item as such.

As I understand it, the BOM is rigid. Once an item, the 2mm x 2 x 3 sheet, is added to the BOM it cannot be changed

The challenge is that this small part can be made from many different sized 6mm sheets and the size of sheet we buy varies. The business reasons for the variance are strong, its not a solution to just always buy the same size sheet.

Furthermore, for traceability, each batch (called a heat) of sheet we buy should be a separate item. Its often required to be able to keep track of which heat a piece of steel comes from. So even if we bought the same size, new heats would require new items.

I’d guess this is fairly common thing with raw materials but can’t see how to address it with ERPNext. Any suggestions? How have others dealt with this? Thanks.

only two way you can achieve this scenarios.

  1. make it new version as per your requirement changeable raw material and set is default.
  2. once raise work order then free to change raw material.
    till now i think no other solution in erp next
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Hi, you can easily do this with Item Alternative.

Please go through this doc: Item Alternative


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