How hard is it to move all data from one localhost to an other localhost(other pc) install

I am wondering how hard is it to move all the data incl. attachments etc, everything. from one machine to another. and what is needed to do it?

Is it sufficient to install erpnext on the new machine and just make the 2 back-ups, and somehow import them to the new machine? or is there something else that needs to be done?

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Igor Olenitsj

Hi Igor!

I think I can answer this one.

It is very easy. I did this recently, and it went smoothly and without any issues.

I did a backup on my first installation. Then installed ERPNext in other VPS, and imported the backup with the instructions the developers has somewhere, and in no time I had a complete exact clone on my new VPS.

The instructions are here: Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

I think you should bench update the 2 installations so they are up to date with each other before doing the process.

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Thank you for your answers!

I am happy to hear that it goes smoothly.
Once my new machine is ready, I will start setting up the clone.
Thank you!

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