How hide issues from another costumers

Hey guys.
When I create a site user I need to provide “support team” function the only way I’ve found to allow customers to open tickets.
But this way the customer has access to all the tickets, would there be any other way to allow the costumer opening of tickets and he see only yours?

Alan, Welcome to the community!
Please be sure to also post answers when you see another users question that you may have already experienced. That is how we all learn from each other.

As for your current issue…

This sounds like a permissions issue.

Likely need to set user to access “owner only” documents.

Do a search of the documentation about permissions and there should be some clarity there around how to arrange for owners to only see their own stuff. It is not an area of expertise for me, but I do know that I have stumbled across the documentation for this recently.

Here is one:

And another:

Within the permission structure, this is another possibility:

While I am having trouble finding the exact owner only type permission documentation, this is at least a starting point.