How i calculate my 3 monthly VAT , may be useful for Dutch and/or EU users

Discussed in 2 sections…1)Accounting setup…2)Making the calculations…

  1. The accounting

I have 4 VAT account under liabilities… Two normal VAT for NL at 6% and 21%…and two VAT Reverse Charge accounts for stuff I buy elsewhere in the EU…
For Intra Community Purchases I have a tax template that hold all 4 VAT accounts

Items I buy not in NL have taxes setup like this:Normal VAT is normally charges and VAT reversed is charged negatively…

2…Making the 3 monthly payment to the tax authorities.

I have set up a spreadsheet (Google sheet) where i copied the calculation form for the Netherlands.
For reporting trimester 2 (1 april-30 June) go to the Trial Balance in Erpnext and enter the period.
Copy the tax info into the spreadsheet
Link the cells for the calculations (NL system) to the cells from the trial balance.
This you have to set up one time …
For a next trimester Copy the whole sheet to a new tab
Select the trimester in trial balance and copy in the correct position…The VAT is calculated automatically
Done…Pay the tax authorities…
See screenshot below::: The red encircled part is copied from the trial balance…the black is the NL VAT form and calculation

Would be nice to get that integrated into ERPnext. In most European countries tax obligations are calculated like this.

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@becht_robert Would you mind to share an empty copy of your spreadsheet?

  • Am I correct that you have tax accounts for every VAT percentage used in the EU? (like 21% NL, 19% DE, 20% FR, etc.)

Does anybody knows if European VAT is on the road map to be integrated in the near future?

Hi…Currently in Kenya…No problem…if not received in few days send me
a reminder::