How I can have multiple sales partners for a customer?

How can I have multiple sales partners for a customer? I am able to add one sales partner in customer master I want to add multiple sales partners to the customer, then I’ll be able to give commission to multiple sales partners.

@abubakar in ERPNEXT, you can have only a single Sales Partner, on the customer, but different transactions for that customers can have different Sales Partners.

Keep in mind, that in ERPNext a Sales Partner, is an external entity, that help you to bring sells, like a dealer, a distributor, a commercial representative etc.

Because of that is inehent that only a single Sales Partner will happen into the transactions, if there’s 2 partners competing for a customer (the customer will decide A or B)

But, there’s also Sales Person’s in ERPNEXT, and they are used to represent internal sellers (employees).

On the Sales Team table, there you can add multiple Sales Persons, and disburse commissions across a Sales Team

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Thank you so much.

I have a scenario, I am generating sales invoices from subscription.

So I’ll have one sales partner, and I’ll add sales team. I got it.

Can you please help me how I’ll have sales team for my each sales invoice that is generating from the subscription.?

@max_morais_dmm I saw the following in docs:

Sales Person wise Commission

ERPNext only provide total amount of sale made by a Sales Person. If you offer commission to Sales Person, you should add Sales Person as Sales Partners in ERPNext. For Sales Partners, you can define Commission (%). On selected on Sales Partner in a sales transction, based on Net Total, Commission Amount is calculated as well. You can check Sales Partner’s commission report from:

Accounts > Standard Reports > Sales Partners Commission

I want to track the commission against the salesperson, According this docs if I’ll add salesperson as sales partner then how I’ll have multiple sales partner for a customer! again stuck from where I was started please help.


What I understand is that you are trying to have an scheme like

  • Sales Person - 10% Comission
  • Sales Manager - 4% Comission
  • Regional Sales Manager - 1% Comission

Something like that, right?

The unique way to achieve that is using the Sales Team Table
Some manual steps are needed or some automation will be needed.
But for sake of Simplicity

And you can fill that information on the Sales Order, under Sales Comission

I have added all the sales partners as salespersons and not using sales partners now. I will share my experience after using this way. I appreciate your help.