How i can install phpmyadmin and config it on nginx

i just wounder how to use phpmyadmin on nginx to take a deep look at the database of erpnext on my testing AWS EC2 Instance ?

Try this :

It is working perfect for me :sunglasses:


You can also use MySQL Workbench - that will most likely be easier to setup and use.

i already install it on linode via this steps :

good luck


i already found a way to install it on nginx server but now i’m getting a list of files instead of phpmyadmin login page and i searched for a solution but i did not get any solution :frowning:

how do you do it please !!! config phpmyadmin on nginx and the return of the database erpnext in phpmyadmin

It needs some knowledge to install and configure phpMyAdmin but i think the fastest method that i can recommend to you is using Virtualmin installation script.

thanks for your help , it resolved :