How I can make task name able to change it by user

I need to change the task name after the user save it but I don’t want to do it by developer mode

is there any other way?

Hi youssef,
Can you please explain the use scenario.

when I create a new task in the project module it gets a link name, and after I save it if I need to rename the task link name I can’t.

I am on V12.1.16

This screenshot is from production V12.1.6 and I assume you are taking about the task subject. it is easy as going to to the task changing the subject and save. The title automatically changes

Thank you for response

I need to edit the : (task-2019-00001)


The doctype has a flag “allow rename”, this is what you need:

However, this is not available for customisation in v12. You are going to have to fork erpnext and set this flag on the Task doctype…

with developer mode on I can do it, bat I prefer not use this method.

I know, it is not nice but all that seems possible at this point…

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