How I can managing all code changes

I am thinking of upgrading from v13 to v14. how can I bring all the customizations made on v13 on new version? Is there a method or procedure for managing change requests that helps me to always have control over the interventions I perform on the system? I think of something similar to CR management in mySAP-ERP. Thank you

Common Scenario

If you have done any of the following:

  • Created new Apps, and added code to them.
  • Used the “Customize” button to modify the Frappe and ERPNext DocTypes.
  • Written “Server Scripts” or “Client Scripts”
  • Added your own Query reports (while leaving “Standard” unmarked)

Then when you upgrade, those changes should migrate too. You may need to manually adjust them, however. For example, perhaps a DocField in v13 was named “ABC”, but in v14 the name is “XYZ”. If any of your code refers to “ABC”, you must update/fix that yourself.

Uncommon Scenario

The other possibility is in v13, you edited the actual Frappe or ERPNext code in their own git repositories. Perhaps in a new, forked branch. Or perhaps directly. Either way, you will have to use some git commands and tools to help you. This git book can be helpful, if you don’t already know about branches and merging. There are also several well-documented git strategies online, to help with managing and controlling your code.