How I can open ledger for employee

I really need to know how to have a ledger for the employees like customers and suppliers
account for every employee linked with his name on HR and with employee account like “Debtors & Creditor” to mange every transaction related
and to have statement of account for each employee
record imprest like this :

employee / Tefa *******
cash ********
note ---- imprest

, and when his salary due record it at the same account like this :
salary exp ******
Employee / E012/Tefa ******

and when I paid it
employee / Tefa ******
cash/bank ******

I need to see a T-accuont for the employee

Hi @amd

You have to set the account ledger of an employee on the employee master as well add the custom button, and on click of button open the general ledger using frappe.set_route function.

Refer below code

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thank you
but how I can do it because I’m just an accountant not a programmer
is there an code can copy and past it some where to do all that

Hi @amd

I have already added the code, but you need make changes according to your requirement
Better to take help from the service providers