How i can Purchase in KG and used in Nos?

HI All,

I came across one problem,

we buy metal sheets In kg’s and used in numbers

how to resolves this , I checked unit conversion factor in the item master but in practical we
can’ t set that for 1 no of sheet 50 kg is fixed cause it can varies in kg.

As per my knowledge dual UOM is not supported.

Dual UOM is a concept using two different UOM for the Item, primary (stock unit) and secondary UOM, for each transaction you have to enter both fields, stock balance shown with both UOM.

It can be a subject of a new feature request.

Its a very important feature… The hability to change those UOMs is vital to a lot of companies!!

really I don’t know how to proceed, if someone in the forum can give some guidance I will support this feature from functional spec.

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There are a few options you can take, but to better understand you problem, I am guessing you cannot set 1 sheet = 50kg because the sheet thickness varies . if that is the case you can:

  1. Define each Sheet thickness as one Product and use the “Weight Per Unit” field in “Item” to define the weight for that Sheet, you are basically converting a collective amount to a Unit.
  2. You will basically, end up with multiple products for the different type of metal sheets(based on thickness) you have.

You can actually use dual UOM via the conversion factor, for example, have applied a case where a company would buy in the Cubic Meter and sell in Tonnage. In this case we just needed to define what the conversion factor was, albeit an estimate due to the nature of the product.

In your case however, You have a more exact option by using the above method.

Hope this helps

Please refer this documentation -

Great answer… Let me try another view… I buy Sulfuric acid… Normally, it selled as 1L unit, or 500ml unit.

1 bought 1L unit.

But I consume 1ul, 2ul… micro litters…

So, I have to use it, ul, in my BOMs, and in my Stocks…

Im using stock unit, and principal unit as micro litters, and purchase unit as litter… Is that correct?