How I can set a credit limit for the supplier?

I search in the supplier master to set a credit limit but I couldn’t find it!

in Customer master, it is there!

I am in version:


Any Help?

are you able to add credit limit for supplier?

I don’t think there is field for supplier credit limit.
Why do you want to set credit limit for supplier? You don’t give them credit, right?

credit limit is to track the credit given to us by supplier against PO created.

The situation is like this, the supplier give USD1000 to us with 30 days of payment term which ever come first(total value or days), so 1st day of the month we have PO value USD500 and 15th day of the month we have PO with USD200 and on 20th day of the month we have PO USD400. so the 3rd PO is already exceed the amount provided by the supplier, so we need to make payment for 1st and 2nd PO first so then only we can proceed for the 3rd PO.

so thats why we need the credit limit field in supplier master so we can get notify when we exceed the value provided by supplier

You can add custom field of type Data or Currency to the Supplier doctype.

@rahy Adding custom field is not the solution, because we need the system to apply the validation and the logic of limiting while submit the PO

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Can’t you do eval on the custom field?
Or use the controller files (Controls)

i have limited knowledge with erpnext, can u guide me how to do this, free or with charge i dont care as long i can add this into my environment

I’m sorry… I’m not a developer myself. My experience with ERPNext is trial and error and checking this forum :smiley:
So perhaps others in this forum is more reliable to help you.