How I can set birthday reminder from Notification?

Hello Everyone,

I’m suffering a problem to set birthday reminder by using email “Notification” template. Because all employee birth date are previous date and as per "Send Alert On " select field option if I set “Days Before” than the year is previous that’s why system failed to generate Email Notification.

So any one please help me !

Thanks in Advance

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Noman Haider

Can anybody help me to solved this issue ?

In HR settings there is a checkbox which if you uncheck will send out birthday reminders. Did you try using that?


This option is for reminders to colleagues. The notification @nomanhaider is trying to set is to the celebrant, wishing them happy birthday.

Yes @flexy2ky, need to send customize message and design via Notification.

Currently not possible through via Notification

I am trying to send ‘System notification’ which works fine on ‘SAVE’ but it does not work with ‘Days Before / After’ .

Is anyone facing this kind of issue?

Yes, i am facing too, the customer wants to customize the message and to send to some specific people

Yes i am

you can use a server script type scheduler and send whatever email you need using frappe.sendmail

@bahaou could you please guide me how to write server script and where we have to write