How i can versioning my ERPNext App

Hi there ,
How i can versioning my ERPNext App and upload in github and how i can rename erpnext main folder.

You can not rename the erpnext folder it will break the system

can you please explain your usecase?

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i want upload my custom app into github to install in in my server
how i can do this !


if you have already created the custom app then just push your app to github repo

please check the following link to learn more about github
Set up Git - GitHub Docs


Ok i will show the link,
but how i can do versioning for my erpnext custom app in my local machine ?

set the app_version variable in

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i mean for example now i develop my custom erpnext app and i need to make another app by this version i will developed
how i can do that ?

Man …use git …have a look to the link …u can use git in local as well …