How i contribute my simple ideas and tricks using erpnext

first of all erpnext is the best
i did used alot of erp system but erpnext is realy out of the box
you can customize it as you want create your own system
many thanks for founders and all contributers

i have a smiple tricks using erpnext and i want to show them to users to choose if it’s helpful or not
for example i duplicates notes doctype with a little configuration and links to other doctypes
i made it official letters
in this docktype my employee type and link letters to customers and also we print directly from erpnext
every letter get somthing like reference number so i can fetch for it easily
i have a lot of ideas like this
i’m not a programmer and i don’t know how to use codes but i did all by just erpnext interface


@fatheyabdelslam awesome :slight_smile: Thank you for your kind words

Best way to share your knowledge is by writing short posts on the forum or sharing videos on YouTube!

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i’ll start doing this

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