How i pass token as key for api_rest?

What key do i have to set, and token value?

i get my token by doing an authentication by POSTMAN but cant do it on the app i will use erp data.

so… y use it like this: KEY: Authorization VALUE: Basic ZnJhbmNvQHN1c2hpY…
Is this right? i cant get data like this.

Are you using the frappe api? GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API

Once you log in (create a FrappeClient object) just access the methods with the object such as…

session = FrappeClient(url, username, password)
xyz = session.get_api(method, args)

I only have this options for configure :
Action ( POST,GET,etc)

When doing the post for login everything goes find , i get the answer of webservice.
With url and usr and pwd as parameters

But when getting data dont know what parameters to pass or headers

@Franco_Fadini How u solve this issue plz ?