How i will do multitenancy in my local machine?

currently i created site and i installed erp next on that. so while do bench sart it running .so i can access the i need to use to another port using multitenancy and i need to run in 8000 port and in 82 port at a same i can do this? if anyone know please let me know.

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Please check the documentation:

i did this one .but i cant able access to in browser.says unreachable

Hy @Sarath_Chandran
Please try this command I hope it will work

bench --site [site_name] serve --port 8082

Thank You!

Thank you

Hi Mohammadali,
I followed the steps from [Guide] How to install ERPNext v14 on Linux Ubuntu (step-by-step instructions) to setup frappe in server. Then how i can do multitenancy in server. can you help me?

@Sarath_Chandran Please Watch this video

Thank You!

i followed these steps but its only working in local.not in server