How Include Payment(POS) in Sales Invoice works?

I expected it to do cash receipt on completing sales invoice entry but it was not .

Can anyone help me?

To give some idea of your problem and context, please explain what steps you followed and perhaps a screenshot…

Using sales invoice for booking sales.For some entries,I want to do cash sales .

  1. I opened Sales Invoice screen
  2. Entered Customer name,date etc
  3. I checked the flag Include Payment(POS)
  4. Filled the items

And submitted the document

Result - No cash received entry was created on this invoice

You may be out of luck
Is there a Payment Receipt in ERP next? - #4 by max_morais_dmm

Others may want to confirm?

Anyways ,can some one enlighten me on how Include Payment actually works ?


If you don’t add anything in Payments it becomes unpaid.

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