How install the PREVIOUS VERSION v6?

Hello , I just installed version 7 of “Frappe” (Linux) , but many indispensable display features are no longer present ( POS view switch for quotation and sales order , and simplified addition of several lines of sale).

Therefore, I will wish to return to version 6. But at: GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps , you can not install the version 7 .

How can i install the previous version ?

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Thank you for your response:+1:


I does’nt explain me how to install v6 via bench

PS : manual install on Linux VPS

@CTBG_Pole_Digital You can download v6 image from here

v6 image

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

and via Linux shell ?

You need to figure out solution.

Install per-requirements.
Clone bench of v3.x and install bench using ‘sudo pip install -e bench-repo’

then run following commands, hope it will helpful

bench init frappe-bench-v6 --frappe-branch v6.x.x
bench get-app --branch v6.x.x erpnext
bench frappe --install_app erpnext

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