How is everyone doing Customer Portals now that WebForms is gone? (v13)

I have no choice but to use v13 as a production server now. There are too many things wrong with v12 that prevented me from switching. The user interface in v13 is a huge improvement and allows me to now get away from v10 and v11.

The problem I have is how to setup Customer Portals now. Since v13 takes away webforms, I will need to find a 3rd party solution to accomplish this.

I cannot afford to use the standard desk because there is a danger of me missing some minor permission and allowing customers access to my core system. Updates also frequently have unexpected consequences, so this is not an option.

Most importantly, being forced to use the “desk” interface takes away all of the custom html, css,etc. that was available to customize the portal to the business needs. I, for one, am a fan of customer portals and am looking for alternatives.

I would prefer a solution that does not come with a monthly subscription, but will consider all possibilities.

Any suggestions? What is everyone else using?



Would Shopify or maybe WooCommerce be able to fill this void?

Am I the only one that found this function useful and scrambling to find a replacement?

~BKM :thinking:


Customer portal works for me on v13. This is not desk as you can see:

I also removed desk access from the customer role and then added the routes I wanted to give the customers access to inside of a menu. However, I am struggling with how to have the customer land on a “landing page” of sorts. Were you able to accomplish that?

Hmm… by the looks of it, you are using v13 beta13 and not the production release of v13. In the beta versions there are no icons on the sidebar. On the actual production release each of the sidebar links also has a new style icon next to each name.

Have you tried this on the production release yet?


Hi there Charlie. I like what you proposed. I had not thought of taking away desk access for the Customer role.

Can you point me to any documentation you used to figure out how to add the routes to control Customer movement?

I might be willing to give that a try.

Sure. Make sure you are in v13 first and foremost.

  1. Settings>Portal Settings>check box for hide standard menu
  2. Settings>Portal Settings>default role = customer
  3. Settings>Portal Settings>scroll down and create custom menu items
    *this is what mine looks like:

Next, go to ROLE LIST (I use global search to locate this).

  1. Locate the customer role in the list.
  2. Uncheck “desk access”

That should do it!


As my “ERPNext Experience” started just a few months ago based on the first v13-beta-1, I have not a clear understanding on what the customer portal has been “before”, but my understanding (I just have upgraded my dev-instance to the v13-release version) is, that we still have the customer portal as shown in the screenshot from @Monolithon, the same as it has been there within the beta-branches.

In addition WebForms are still there (I am aware of the announcement [v13] Some proposed big changes to desk, routing and Web Forms - #20 by f_deryckel, but there was never a clear “answer”, also eg. Will the customer portal be part of the V13? did never find an answer.

So my understanding is, as of now, we still have a customer portal as well as web forms.

@charlie-cook, regarding where to set a default “landing page”:


Thanks for that tip. That did indeed work.

However, the page I’m setting as the default landing page is also available without logging in, which I don’t want. How do you make a webpage only available upon login? Thanks for your help!

That does not work for me.It is like landing page and other information are needed.

Did you create a menu and use the information you need to be displayed (i.e. set the routes, etc.)? I outlined how to do that in my post above.


Yeah… I followed the instructions also and it didn’t work out. Maybe I am missing something.


There is some work in progress patch for frappe on this. Check this out

Thanks @mujeerhashmi, I have seen that PR - and I guess that will answer my question in context of “why is WebForm still available” → There still will be a change, but it is not yet done:

Regarding the other question: What we have right now within “/app/portal-settings”, is what we call “Customer Portal”, right? Does anyone know, if that will be still there, or will it be completely replaced by the regular desk-UI in combination with “DocType Layout”?

Followed these steps, still on version-13.01 customer can only see empty invoice and order list.

Yeah, but I am worried that I would spend a few days on getting everything setup for a new portal, get it approved by the users, and then launch it in a few weeks only to find that a point version update a few days later wipes it out again. Would hate to dig in deep and fix it only to have it wiped out.

There appears to be no real guidance on this yet.


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This is what I have read several references to in the forum but I cannot find a clear and definitive answer as to what to expect for this function.

There is nothing describing exactly how to use the Desk UI for this (although I guess I could stumble through it) and the “expected” way of doing it seems to be missing components.


Okay… So my guess is that nobody has transitioned a previous version with a customer and vendor portal to v13 yet. Or if they did they are still trying to get it working and do not have time to add their experiences back to the forum yet.


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I am using Nuxt JS for building customers portal, it is more convenient for us and for the user and more customizable

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it seems (Customer) is missing all roles at “Role Permissions Manager”
that’s why it prevents access on Customer’s web portal.

any guide to fix Role Permissions for all account types?