How know the permission on "You do not have enough permissions to access this resource..."

we receive constant this messenge “You do not have enough permissions to access this resource. Please contact your manager to get access.” but I’m administrator and unknow the permision refererd because unknow why code or option is. How know or add same to "you not have permission ‘11222 on HR’ to access … just need know the code of permision.

go to role permission and give permission for that doc to admin role

i understand because the mesasage apear on admin or full permision user, like HR mananger or any other, unknow where is “doc to admin” why doc?

Can you check the user permissions list? even if you are a system manager, if there is a user permission applied, you won’t be able to see the doctype. Check if there is any such user permission applied to your user in user permission list.

Hope this helps.

I a admin and have all permision, the item is in HR but have same problem on some items/modules, i try on clowd and in my own server, same case, but not say how know the “number permission” or logs of reject access. I think need a “aditional extra permission” but unknow how determine the module.

Did you check the user permission list? Also which item in HR can you not see? Please elaborate the issue with proper steps and screenshots/GIF. Also, you can check in “View Permitted Documents”, the documents that you have access to. Go to: User list > Select you user > Permissions > View Permitted Documents as shown below.

Check if you have access to the item through this page by selecting the DocType name.

Hope this helps.