How Leave approver able to cancel Leave Application data after submit(Approved)?

As a Leave Approver I want to cancel Leave Application after submit(Approved) but when I try on that time it throw message
Leave Application HR-LAP-2022-00020 is linked with the following submitted documents:

You do not have permissions to cancel all linked documents.

Cancel the attendance allocated to that Employee and then you can delete this Approved leave application

I try then it throw

Not permitted

Not allowed for Employee: HR-EMP-00025. Restricted field: employee
User does not have access to this document
Insufficient Permission for Leave Application

you have to do it from the user having
HR Manager or system manager Access.

Still I’m facing same issue

It’s resolve, Only we need to give role permission to leave approver for user permission, user and attendance

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Or you give Cancel permission to Leave Approver for Leave Ledger Entry, Attendance and Leave Application