How "Linked with" works?

I have created one sales order and from that order I have created 2 delivery notes and some sales invoice.
After clicking on Linked With icon in appframe-iconbar, this shows complite list of linked doctype.
We can find which delivery notes and sales invoice is created using Sales Order. Its a very good feature that ERPNext provide.
But when we click on linked with icon on Delivery Note it shows ‘Not Linked to any document’
I like to know working of this, please let me know if I am wrong.



Welcome to forum!

Linked-With feature considers forward linkages (Sales Order → Delivery Note → Invoice), and not backward (Sales Order ← Delivery Note).

For backward linking, you can check item table of current transaction (Delivery Note Item table in this case) to see which previous transaction (Sales Order) it is linked with.