How make payroll/salaryslip based on attendance?


I have that error. because i fill with this

can u help me fix that, abour working days count, ty :sunny:

use total_working_days instead.

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i think not total working days, because based on present or absence from employee

because you used working_days, I just corrected the error. You may use payment_days

What is payment_days, i try that but not change,

i think my problem is make payroll based on attendance. can u help me?

payment_days = days between start and end date - leave without paid

what’s error or problem you facing?

i mean no error, just not change from 6 to 4,

example : my employee(emp), in 6 days, just attendance 4,
i will make slip salary to him, so if basic salary is 20, emp just get 20 x 4, not 20 x 6.
thats my problem

i search on forum, payroll not conected with attendance? thats right?

Did you create absent attendance for employee?
You have to set salary component as Depends on Leave Without Pay in salary structure

If working days 6, payment days 4, basic salary 20.
20 x 4 / 6 = 13.33

Yes, i already make absent attendance
i will try, ty for advice.

but, how to make option if my emp full present in 6 days, i will give bonus (in salary component)

Use formula in bonus salary components which payment_days = 6. Or u want payment_days = total_working_days.

Thanks for solution