How many previous years of accounts data can be saved?


I would like to know how many years of previous accounts can be saved on erpnext.

We have 3 years of data to migrate from old system to erpnext and then the new year will start generating new data in account.

Just wanted to know how many fiscal years of account can be saved in erpnext.


There are no limits as such.

Thanks for the reply :smiley:

How can i import the 3 years old accounts data to erpnext. Previous data is in excel sheet. Do i have to enter entries manually ?

Yes, you can do that sort of mass importing of accounting data using ERPNext templates and mapping and creating necessary things in ERPNext.
Only limit is 5000 records per fileā€¦

Refer following:

It is not easy and somewhat time consuming but definitely not impossible and wroth all your efforts.

Good Luck!