How many record can child table handle?

Just a thousand took some times to load, it may be time out if over 2 thousand records.
Is it possible to add pagination to child table (table grid)?

If you expect 1000 records on the child table, it is not designed for this use case. You are better off making it a full table, then adding a “Link” on the forum (see Email Group → Email Group Member)

Pagination in Child Tables is not considered, because we want to consider the document (parent + children as one unit).

How about Salary Structure, there is a table grid which store employee base salary. If i have ten thousand employees, is it possible to load? As I understand it’s child table as well, so it may need to separate the Salary Structure, right?

Maybe Salary Structure should be redesigned to handle 10k employees!

Is it in the ERPNext future development?

No idea. I guess we wait for someone with 10k employees to sponsor / contribute it! I am sure it will be a small fry for them :slight_smile:

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I think lazy load on table grid would help, no need to redesign.

Are you volunteering to build this? :slight_smile:



For me this is the most logical approach.

That should be me… very soon :wink:

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