How many records does it stores in deleted document list?

Hi @Vinod_Gajjela,

There is no limit to storing deleted documents.

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Thank you for quick response.
Can I know how many days deleted records will store in Database?

No days limit to delete a record but some log delete for version 14 have a feature like a log setting.

Please check it if needed.

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Thank you.
Am facing one issue that Emails added in queue but not sent.
I used “bench --site all enable-scheduler” but no use.


Hi I have one requirement i.e I have added a field name is mobile_number. I should not allow the entries if it exceeds more than 10 digits. The entry should stop if it exceed more than 10

Which version do you use?
13 or 14?

If you use version 14 then have a phone field.
Please apply the Phone field and check it.

If more than 10 digits are added then will throw the error.


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I have created one webform. Now what is my doubt is, if we submit the web form. How the doc entry is creating for admin side, and is there any doc id will generate for the doc entry, which is comes from web form.



  • Create separate topics for separate issues.
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Your original issue seems to have been resolved. I am closing this topic. Check existing topics and if your issue isn’t resolved, open a new topic for the web form related issue.