How many Shopify websites can I connect/manage with ERPNext?

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We would like to have have multiple Shopify ecommerce store/sites. For starters (2) sites synced with ERPNext. The products, product configurations, and categories would be the same on both sites however, pricing tiers need to be different/unique (B2C pricing on one site and multiple B2B pricing tiers on the other - depending on B2B user login). We would like to manage both sites (products and pricing etc etc. synchronizing ) from 1 ERPNext back office admin .
Can this be done out of the box with a ERPNext? If yes great ! If not what would have to be configured.
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For now only 1 Shopify site can be managed with ERPNext.

@saurabh6790 Can you please reply

The current design only supports single store management (1-1 connection).

No plans yet for multi-store Shopify sync.

Just a thought, but what if we are to use the Price List and Price Rules functionality in ERPNext.

From what I understand, Price Rule is based on the Customer and Product.


The connector only works with Price List not Price Rule.

@saurabh6790 , but doesn’t the price rule take priority over price list? and therefore applying the appropriate pricing?