How many sites run by one bench in server?

How am trying to multiple site run in one bench? I am successfully able run 3 sites. But I am trying to run more sites. But I can’t.

Hi @Samsul,

In my local instance, I have 17 sites on one bench. and I haven’t faced an issue.
(The exact number of sites that can be run by one bench depends on various factors such as the server’s resources (CPU, memory, disk space), the complexity of the sites, and the level of activity on each site.)


first site i installed on site1.local
but how to install 2nd, 3rd, 4th,… site which i full separate from first site
can you guide me ?

Can one bench run both stable and development branches on separate sites?

In one bench?

I think, No.


Yes in a single bench but only stable version 14

Yes @nilpatel42

How?, can you guide ?

Create a new-site with a different name in one-bench.

i want to run two site on local hosted machine
i try with my second site site2.local with port based multi tenant (Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub)
but its not accessible
i give site1.local port 8000
site2.local port 8004

my doubt:
when run bench start command both site going online or
every time i switch site to access it using bench use site1.local

Please check it.

Frappe Documentation.

I want to use port base, which is not working for me

I think it help you…

i already tried this but site not visible